Monday, August 19, 2013

Something out of nothing…




IMG_2995 - Copy

When I was younger, I used to have great ideas(or so I thought.)  I would have one of those, great ideas, and then promptly go to my mother who would “make them happen.”  Life has seemed to come full circle.  My daughter came to me the other day and stated that she would love some french dip for dinner, but we had no rolls (which was the usual way we devoured them.)  Not being able to make it to the store-It was strongly suggested- that I just “whip something up” which usually follows “you know, make something out of nothing.”  This is what I(we) came up with…

We made dough (using this recipe) and stuffed the insides with pieces of roast beef and a small block of cheese before baking them off.  They were so good.  Definitely a new addition to our favorites list.

So the next time you think you have “nothing” just go make yourself some dough and have yourself “something… made out of nothing.”

Enjoy your adventures in cooking friends.



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